Ghostwriter Must-haves

Choosing a professional Ghostwriter is essential as he or she can make or break your book.

Absolutely necessary:

Attention to detail Excellent communication skills Knowledgeable Love words Mammoth vocabulary Well read

To take your business or nonfiction book to the next level:

The Ghostwriter is an author Ghostwriter has written a Master's Thesis (aside from the academics – this develops unique skills)

It is often difficult for the Ghostwriter to provide recommendations or testimonials as much of the Ghostwriter's writing is done with confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements.

It's essential to meet or speak to the Ghostwriter and share your ideas, expectations, content, costs, and timelines.

Also, ask the Ghostwriter about their background. Their studies, work experience, and where their interest or passion lies.

Based on these, you need to decide whether you feel comfortable with the Ghostwriter.

Then to the costs. You need to understand that book takes quite a long time to write. Discuss your budget with the Ghostwriter.

Keep in mind that low-cost bad quality writing can make or break your book.

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