Mindset Matters - 5 Steps that you can take to create a Motivated Mindset.


COVID- 19 has impacted the world in ways that I could never have anticipated. The global pandemic has thrown me headfirst into boredom, followed by frustration, and even deeper into what I call being tired of being tired, a kind of exhaustion that I’ve never before experienced!

It’s no longer acceptable to ask, “What’s the matter?”

Delving deeper into my view of “Mindset Matters,” I explore two different types of grey matter.

The first in the grey matter, of the brain's darker tissue. This connects the brain to the spinal cord and triggers a multitude of neurons firing. Although neuroplasticity has the ability to change the brain, this is a topic for another time.

The second grey matter, aka “Intelligence and IQ and cognitive ability,” may be open to interpretation.

Traditionally intelligence has been measured by an IQ test. However, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) encompassing, being empathetic, the ability to manage conflict, and good communication skills are considered more valuable (than IQ) in a business environment, especially when working in teams or on projects. EQ has become more trendy.

I deliberate, “Are IQ and EQ fixed or changeable traits? Are they inborn? Or can commitment and hard work result in the personal growth and self-development of both IQ and EQ?”

Moving onto my experiences with my “Mindset,” my greatest gift is the ability to change my mind. I’ve always believed that mindset is a choice; nevertheless, it's often derived from a complex and entangled subconscious mind.

I’m pro a growth mindset, and my relentless curiosity leads me towards continuous research and a love of technology, apps, and innovation. My mindset’s flexibility enables me to accept constructive feedback. I can delete doom and change my mindset’s perspective as quickly as sitting in another chair.

During the ever-changing levels of lockdown, I must admit that I took a duvet day from time to time. I didn’t even pretend to be playing with my MacBook Air, and even as Canva beckoned, my enthusiasm waned. When I frequently chose to brave the day, I climbed out of bed and got ready to face my zoomalized day.

If you are looking for motivation, I share with you my 5 steps that you can take to create a Motivated Mindset.

Step 1 - Turn off all of the Technology

Go for a walk; while you may not be up for hugging a tree, feeling the grass between your toes is a beneficial alternative. Watch a sunset. Take the time to breathe deeply and feel your stress and tension melt away. Do this without a digital footprint and feel the #Freedom

Step 2 – Think Inspirational

Read something inspirational, motivational, or uplifting. Look at some beautiful photos of nature, browse through your bookshelf or Kindle shelf. Read something humorous and giggle. Chat to a friend. Remember, thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy; choose wisely. Avoid negative self-talk as it may get stored in your subconscious mind.

Step 3 – An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is the key to unlocking growth and change. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious is a negative spiral that needs to be conquered. It’s essential to understand and acknowledge relativity. Being alive and healthy is a gratefully accepted gift. Everything else is nice to have but not absolutely necessary. Sleepless nights and glossed-over days are par for the course.

Step 4 – Dealing with the “To Do” list

When feeling overwhelmed, just getting started can seem almost impossible. Choose a quick and easy task first. It goes well, and then prioritize and break down the to-do list into smaller tasks in the order below:

· It’s Okay to say NO!

· Urgent

· Important

· Interesting

· Boring

Step 5 - Nutrition and Hydration

Cut out junk food treat your body to healthy food. When shopping for food, let the colours of food guide the red or purple berries, the green spinach, celery, etc. Eating healthy food feeds the body and brain. Drinking enough water cannot be overemphasized. Dehydration causes energy depletion and headaches. Feelings of fatigue are mainly caused by physical deficiencies and are not mental health issues.


Your Mindset Matters.

Be sure you are getting enough rest and a good night's sleep. Regular exercise will boost your serotonin levels. Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Be mindful of the fact that motivation, just like happiness, is a choice. It is a challenge to be embraced and made into a positive habit.

Pearl Seigel holds an MBA. She is passionate about business, communication, entrepreneurship, people, technology innovation, and words.

She is a Ghostwriter and an Author of business and nonfiction books.

She will coach you on "How to write a Business Book."

Pearl helps clients build story brands to boost their reputations and create an additional passive income stream from their books' sales.

Her communication style is: • Informational • Inspirational • Persuasive Her core competencies are: • Creative and innovative approach • Strategic thinker • Understand market trends.

She has provided coaching and training, has owned and managed many businesses, and has worked with clients in various industries.

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