Safeera Kholvad Recommends Pearl Seigel for writing her TEDx content

Safeera Kholvad, was invited to speak at TEDxKedgeBS, a Business School in Marseille, in France.

Safeera, is a daughter, wife, mother, medical doctor and an MBA graduate.
In her talk, she explains that our stories can liberate others. If we allow our lights to shine, we automatically allow others to do the same. We are all walking, talking, psychological mirrors for each other

Phil Savinson Recommends Pearl Seigel for his Memoir - Luck is Essential

 Pearl had a way of telling my story with   enthusiasm and compassion in equal quantities.

 My wife Anita passed away thirteen years after   being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, when I read   Pearl's Chapter 6 - Loving Life with my Wife, it   brought tears to my eyes.

Charley Pietersen Recommends - Pearl Seigel as his Ghostwriter!  Boy Child you Matter

"To potential Authors and established ones get yourself a Ghostwriter. Pearl Seigel is the best in the world, and I recommend her highly."
"What is a Ghostwriter?
Noun a person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author.
That is Pearl!"

Phillip Walker Recommends - Pearl Seigel as his Ghostwriter! 

"Pearl was my Ghostwriter to help me produce a book to support people to recover from narcissistic relationships.

​Pearl is wonderful. A great person and really professional"

Juan Odendal – Wellness Coach and Author Recommends Pearl Seigel Ghostwriting 

I am an independently published author from South Africa. Also, I have been a part of the Indie Author community in South Africa for almost 2 years now. We hold Pearl Siegel's ghost writing skills in high regard, and her ghost writing services come highly recommended by many authors from within our community. I most definitely recommend her services.

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